Canada Checking Possible Terrorist link in Mysterious Hit and Run

Two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were hit in a Quebec Province car accident which has implications ISIS terrorists may have retaliated against
Parliament’s decision to contribute an unknown number of fighter jets to the allied war effort in Iraq and Syria. The speeding car hit 2 walkers in the military town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal Monday morning. One was in uniform. A high speed chase by local police ensued, ending with the driver escaping his overturned car. The unidentified driver
confronted police who shot him. He died later in a local hospital. Parliamentarians in Ottawa immediately raised the question could the incident be an act of terrorism against 2 members of the Canadian Armed forces. Late Monday evening Prime Minister Harper’s office issued a statement saying the driver was known to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
as “an individual who had been radicalized.” The Quebec provincial police say, “The theory that this was a deliberate act is part of what we are looking at.” Parliamentarians have debated that some Canadians would become radicalized and commit terrorist acts at home or overseas after Ottawa agreed to join other allied nations against what’s called ISIS. The Canadian government estimates that 130 Canadians had left the country to join terrorist groups overseas. That’s approximately the same estimate here in the much larger United States.

Changing Football Stories at Sayreville, New Jersey

Acceptance and better than that, popularity seem to be critically important to teenagers and with their loss some Sayreville, New Jersey War Memorial High School freshmen are having second thoughts about their complaints of sexual groping by upper class members of the football team. They had no idea the Sayreville Board of Education would cancel the rest of the football season, dismiss the town’s revered coach and assistants and see the cancellation of a college football scholarship for at least one senior player. Three of the 7 accused perpetrators have been held in juvenile detention. The remaining 4 were released though accused of less serious hazing and sexual abuse crimes. In all there were 4 attacks over 3 weeks. Of course, none of this would have happened had head coach George Najjar maintained control. Witnesses say he was rarely seen in the locker room where all the attacks took place. The freshmen, particularly those thought to be informers are taking an unfair hit from the student body. The student texting is vicious against the freshmen: “thought we hated them before we sure as hell hate them now.” One freshman player told the New York Times the backlash, “made me want to shoot myself.” The terrible lesson being taught these impressionable minds is unfortunately “keep your mouth shut…standing up for truth might make things much worse.” And those freshmen who spoke out so clearly a week ago are now modifying their stories–minimizing any abuse they described earlier. One who said he was penetrated from behind with a finger now says the attackers were wearing football pants. Another who said the upperclassmen grabbed several by the buttocks, now says they were wearing pants. The result is prosecutors are going to have one tough time convincing a court with witnesses who have changed their testimony. A lawyer for one of the accused, Pamela Brause says “These are children, and usually when they get in trouble, it’s about taking their iphones away or serving a detention. This is a difficult situation for my client and everyone involved. We don’t know what’s real and what’s exaggerated” with all kinds of assumptions and judgements. “We’ve got to let the system work.”

Inaccurate Data Destroys American Lives

The search for data is out of control and companies that gather incorrect information about you and I are virtually free from prosecution. It’s our duty, not the snoopers, to locate all the companies lying about us. They are free to damage us without fear of prosecution.
“I peaked in your window, you call the police, and I’m rightly arrested.” But the data gathering companies publish inaccurate information that results in your loss of your job and essentially all you can do is get the privacy companies to withdraw the harmful and untrue information from everybody’s computer. Good luck in trying to get to all of them. The damage is done from all the hundreds of companies reporting on us. My book, “Smooth Criminal, a one man American crime wave,” exposes the nightmare of a totally innocent man whose life was ruined after a major drug dealer’s gang took over his Connecticut house. Though a prisoner in his own home for 3-months the report that there had been an investigation at his address went out to future employers. The information went on a highly secret corporate system used by most large companies. Not only did he lose his job but he was unable to get to the private corporate security systems because he wasn’t in the corporate club. While never arrested, he hasn’t been able to clear his name and hasn’t been able to get a position at any large company for 30 years. Congress with its obscene payoffs from these out-of-control snoopers is doing nothing to help these unfortunate victims. Try applying for a job if you were simply the victim of a crime. Your unfortunate association with crime is enough for the personal data machines to spit your name out along with the perpetrators. Sadly, The data gatherers are virtually immune from the harm they do as our phony Congress is presently involved with a 7-week vacation that takes them beyond the November election. Write them; tell them you won’t vote for them unless they correct this obvious injustice that’s hurting so many Americans. Imagine yourself being listed as a sexual child abuser when you are not. Try getting a job if you are incorrectly listed with Alzheimer’s or if your age is inaccurately showing over 50 when you are not. University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale writes on the exploding reputation business: “Shady, poorly regulated data miners, brokers and resellers have now taken creepy classification to a whole new level. They have created lists of victims of sexual assault, and lists of people with sexually transmitted diseases. Lists of the impotent and the depressed…lists of people who are supposedly undesirable because they live near a trailer park or nursing home…and people only accused of wrongdoing–not charged nor convicted.

Volunteer to Win GMO Labeling in Colorado

Monsanto will be victorious again if we don’t successfully stop the “agent orange” chemical company from scaring voters, this time, in Colorado. In a close vote Washington State fell for the lies last year. The scare tactics
such as “You vote for GMO labeling, you will be paying 20% more for your
groceries,” were obviously effective. The governor of New Hampshire 2 years back fell for the threat that Monsanto would sue every living adult in the state if GMO labeling was approved. The citizens of 64 nations have the right to choose and here in the land of the free, the St. Louis seed company has trashed that American right with threats and lies. The choice is critical. Once a GMO field always a GMO field. You can’t go back to natural farming. And the ruination of our fields (a 6th of the acreage destroyed for ever) is all for money at the expense of our health. Right now, Colorado residents are being blasted with an 11.2 Million dollar ad campaign to scare Coloradans with intentionally deceptive ads. Other big food contributors joining Monsanto’s 4.7 Million dollars are Pepsi Cola, 1.66 Million and Kraft Foods with 1.1 Million for the defeat of Ballot 105 yes voters. The food we eat here in the United States requires a warning label at least, if not a ban in 64 countries. It took 40 years to prove cigarettes caused cancer and while the GMO debate continues why take chances? Monsanto knew of that possible cancer link and enticed the first President Bush to sign a law protecting Monsanto from any future legal damage to our bodies. That law is still in effect today. “Food Democracy Now!” is asking Americans from all states to join a phone bank. They’ll set you up with a prepared script if you e-mail them at Team Don’t let what happened in Washington State and California happen again,in Colorado in 18 days. To date, Vermont is the only state with a pure GMO advisory label, giving American customers the right to choose.

Scammers Capitalizing of the Ebola Tragedy

The scammers waste no time in appealing to our sympathies when a new tragedy is known. The Better Business Bureau warns illicit appealers are
already on the phones asking for our dollars for Ebola victims. A fund raiser GoFundMe set up Wednesday was seeking funds for Amber Joy Vinson, the second Dallas nurse to come down with Ebola in the United States. Her family says the charity was set up without their knowledge. That page is no longer working but in its place are about 100 more GoFundMe pages. It must be paying off big for the scammers. Before giving always check the appealer’s credentials through the BBB, or the annual Tampa Bay Times study conducted with Center for Investigative Journalism which again lists “Kids Wish Network,” the worst, collecting 18.6 Million last year but keeps all but 4 percent for “management” fees. This is the outfit in Holiday, Florida which fulfills the wish of dying kids. The American Foundation for Children keeps it all with the American Foundation for the Deaf and Blind giving only 1/10th of a per cent for the cause. The Cancer Fund for America is in second place on the top 50 Worst list withholding all but one percent for excpenses, the solicitors and bosses. Be careful, these scammers are creative in coming up with similar names to legitimate charities, such as The National Cancer Coalition, number 21 on the bad list, looking a lot like several legitimate Cancer funds.

The Net for Possible Ebola Victims Widens

The CDC, handling the Ebola crisis is like the parable of the little Dutch boy who put his hand in a leaking dike to save the nation. But in this present case, the leaks keep coming beyond the Centers for Disease Control capability to stop them. Texas Health nurse Amber Joy Vinson who had tended the now late Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, broke the rules and flew to Cleveland. The CDC trying to notify those passengers is also busy notifying those who flew with her back to Dallas. Vinson is just one of over a hundred staff workers who cared for Duncan before Ebola killed him on October 8th. Now what about those who have since been in contact with the hundred or so Texas Health workers? It’s just been revealed a Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital employee is on board a cruise ship after having possible contact with Mr. Duncan while “handling clinical specimens collected from him.” He and his partner have agreed to stay in their cabin. A cruise ship doctor says there are no signs of Ebola in either of them. The ship departed Galveston on the 12th of October when the CDC felt self-monitoring was sufficient. Cruise ships are especially careful, knowing how quickly a virus can spread among thousands of passengers. Crews are required and the passengers are strongly advised to wash their hands before dining, a precaution to avoid the flu and food poisoning.

Obama Lacking Clarity of Mission on Ebola and Iraq

These are scary times when we need one of the Roosevelts to lead us. Unfortunately, we have a current president who has no clear vision on
how to handle advancing ISIS, a relatively small contingent that is
currently roaming at will while mercenary Iraqi troops have little
interest or capability to contain them as the U.S.-backed Baghdad government hangs on by a thread. As evil as they are ISIS troops have
enthusiasm, a critical quality when fighters are risking their own lives. U.S. air power is doing its job, but with the president ignoring our generals there will soon be no Iraq government without putting American troops on the ground. The president’s refusal to accept the best military advice predicts a long-lasting stalemate. Turkish troops are held at bay
because the U.S. refuses to go after the Assad regime since our previous
enemy, (remember just last year?) is now ironically on our side fighting
ISIS. “What a tangled web we’ve weaved!” Iran could join its ally and our ally, the Shiite Baghdad government, but would rather sit this one out, watching the United States try to fight an unheard of war: A lasting war of
of compromise. Where is the leadership President Obama? The Kurds are the best fighters in Iraq, but Obama doesn’t want their eternal dream of independence. Obama insists the Kurds stay in Iraq and fight for the governing Shiites and Sunni minority who don’t seem to want to fight for
their country. The president’s assurances he can lead us out of this mess
over a great length of time convinces no one anymore. That said, assurances
Washington has Ebola under control in the United States is no longer believed when a second Texas health worker contracts the spreading the disease. The Obama administrations number one goal is to stop the chances
of panic when people are afraid to board a plane, eat in a restaurant, or shop in a store. CDC assurances to the public: “We know how to stop this,” is rapidly losing its effectiveness. The CDC’s claim that a carrier doesn’t spread Ebola until there is fever is now suspect. This second case involves another healthcare worker who was among about 50 who treated or were near Thomas Duncan at Texas Health. Mr. Duncan, a Liberian, came to the United States the end of September and died last week. The second healthcare worker, one of about 50 suspects being monitored by the CDC broke the rules and took a Frontier Airlines plane from Dallas to Cleveland over the weekened. She, like Mr. Duncan had no signs of Ebola when she flew. The first of as many as 4-thousand American troops have arrived in the 3 West African countries. Again, there is no clarity of mission or when it would
end. And when it ends, how many servicemen and women will have contracted
Ebola? The president should have the guts to stop flights from the 3 African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. An average of 150 passengers a day arrive in the U.S. from these countries. All tell us they
haven’t been near anyone with Ebola and have no symptoms of the virus. Are all to be believed?

Ebola suspects on the Move to the United States

The CDC under White House direction is handling the Ebola crisis just the way the administration got itself in trouble in the Benghazi mess. As Washington Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan has pointed out on a number of occasions, the first response is not necessarily the truth but how can we craft this (whatever it is) to the best acceptance of the public? The Benghazi “story” was changed a dozen times as questions arose. It’s not the whole truth but what “fits.” We’re been told Ebola is under control in the United States with only 2 infections–and an infected nurse who says she carefully followed the procedures of mask, gloves and gown is now being blamed–not the CDC given procedure but the nurse. Is the CDC so perfect that the procedure is beyond question? The Nurses association is defending the nurse who risked her life treating the Liberian who has since died at Texas Health in Dallas. CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden is out to prove it’s the nurse’s fault for her contracting the virus, blaming her for a “breach in protocol.” No body in their right mind is going to ignore or be careless with these instructions. Right now for apparent political reasons, people from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are still welcomed in the United States. All they have to say is they were not in contact with anybody who was sick or died of Ebola. We are expecting passengers to tell the truth when they feel they may have to hide their infection to save themselves. The CDC claims no one can spread the disease before a fever sets in. But nothing but their word prevents a carrier from getting into the United States after being with a dead or alive Ebola victim. Medical facilities are appalling with used hypodermic needles, blood and vomit on hospital floors in those 3 West African countries. And the numbers of dead keeo climbing. Better chance of survival to get to the United States via air or crossing from Mexico..and one is in if he or she gets here before fever sets in. Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota notes “there has been more human-to-human transmission in the past 4 months than most likely occurred in the last 500 to thousand years. Each new infection represents trillions of throws of the genetic dice. If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola. Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.” Latest estimate is approximately 4-thousand of the 8-thousand with Ebola have died in the 3 African countries. The numbers have been doubling every month.

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