Why a Promising Ebola Vaccine was Stopped

Research on a potential Ebola vaccine was stopped just ahead of the finish line about 10 years ago because other drug investments would pay off hundreds of times better. Ebola, common in Africa and South America with a few hundred cases a year wasn’t where the money was then. It didn’t matter the vaccine was 100% effective against Ebola in monkeys and that tests could start on humans in 2 years with licensing projected for 2010 or 11. But the profit-minded drug companies weren’t interested in investing millions for those in poor countries with little or no payback. Big Pharma has recently learned that was a huge mistake for now there is an unforeseen a clamor to rush new experimental drugs to market a.s.a.p. Big money’s finally ready to pay in the industrialized world. Investment money is flying to companies on Wall Street with the slightest hint of a successful Ebola drug down the line. Investors looking for billion dollar payoffs have reopened clinical trials that were stopped 10 years ago. But it’s hard to forget the most promising vaccine that ridded all monkeys of Ebola could have been carried out to its conclusion 4 years ago. Unfortunately, it has taken a crisis to re-open the labs.

9 of 10 Doctors Worried and its NOT Ebola

Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

9 of 10 doctors are worried. Let’s help them.

Doctors are speaking out with us today to stop the overuse of antibiotics in livestock that contributes to deadly ‘superbugs.’ Back them up by calling Trader Joe’s and asking: When are you going to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics?



Dear Deane,

There’s no doubt that we’re all seriously concerned about Ebola and our nation’s response to it.

But there’s another transmittable disease in the United States – antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or ‘superbugs’ – that kills more than 23,000 Americans each year. Yet it’s virtually ignored by our leaders and industry.

We’re changing that now. Today doctors are joining with us at events throughout the country demanding an end to the routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock that leads to the spread of these deadly bacteria.

Will you back them by taking action? Make a phone call to Trader Joe’s headquarters and demand it stop selling meat raised on antibiotics!

Call Now: 1-800-221-2063

Ask this question: When are you going to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics? Once you’ve completed your call, click the yellow button so we can track the pressure!


Why Trader Joe’s? Because it is a large, progressive grocery chain like Whole Foods – which already refuses to sell antibiotic-raised beef, chicken and pork – and the company stakes its reputation on responding to what customers want.

After nearly two years pushing Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on drugs, we believe we’re close to getting a commitment. And your phone call during our day of action could seal the deal. Today we are:

• Holding events in 10 major cities, including Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., with a half-dozen other consumer and health groups calling on supermarket chains and large institutions to end the overuse of antibiotics in livestock.

• Releasing our national survey showing 9 of 10 physicians are concerned about the use of antibiotics on animals that aren’t sick, with 85 percent reporting one or more of their patients with a multi-drug resistant infection in the past year.

• Running a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times, where Trader Joe’s is headquartered, asking the company to stop selling meat raised on drugs.

• Channeling your phone call to Trader Joe’s headquarters. Just call 1-800-221-2063 and ask this question: When are you going to stop selling meat raised on drugs? Then click here so we can track the number of calls made!

Thank you for doing your part to stop the overuse of antibiotics in our food animals, and making sure life-saving drugs work when your family needs them.


Jean Halloran, Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Obama Threatens Buyers of ISIS Oil

President Obama is finally getting down to the fundamental reason ISIS is the richest terrorist organization ever. The answer as always is money and in this case oil money and ransom money paid by several European nations to save the lives of captured citizens. Unbelievable but true, ISIS is also receiving funds from wealthy donors through several banks in the Middle East. Now at last, the Obama Administration is finally threatening
any country or company buying oil from ISIS. The Obama Administration estimates ISIS is receiving a million-dollars-a-day from this black market oil. Land grabs in oil rich Iraq and Syria have given ISIS a continuous flow of cash to advance their growing army goals with more killer weapons. Under Secretary of Treasury, David Cohen says
ISIS troops are actually refining some of the oil before selling it to smugglers who transport it to the Turkish and Kurdish regions where its “laundered” for purchase by western and Asian nations. Cohen says one of the biggest purchasers is the Syrian Assad government which at the same time is fighting ISIS as is the United States. The financial clampdown is being added to the destruction of some ISIS refineries by allied air power. “It’s still important to find other ways to target the group’s funding sources and prevent access to the former financial system, says Cohen. “The middleman, traders, refiners, transport companies and anyone else that handles ISIL’s oil should know that we are hard at work identifying them, and that we have the tools at hand to stop them.” The U.S. is also putting pressure on its allies who have been paying ransom for the return of their captured citizens. An estimated 20 Million extortion went ISIL’s way this year. Cohen repeated the U.S. position: “Every country must stop bankrolling our adversary by implementing a no ransom policy.” It would be refreshing to see president keep his foot on the pedal enforcing today’s promise.

Peace and Relief Returns to Canada

Hard to believe but we accept the conclusion of the Canadian police backed up by law enforcement experts in Washington who agree the attack at the War Memorial and the Parliament building in Ottawa yesterday was the act of a lone gunman. “There is no longer a threat to Public Safety,” says Ottawa police chief Charles Bordeleau. Reports that there had been another attacker, at a nearby shopping center were unfounded as were signs that a second gunman was hiding in the Canadian capitol. Equally hard to believe that an attack and killing of one of 2 Canadian servicemen in a town south on Montreal just 2 days before by man with ISIS sympathies was not connected. Yesterday’s Ottawa shooting at the War Memorial 200 yards from Parliament took the life of Canadian serviceman, a father of a 6 year old. The lone gunman then entered the Parliament building firing approximately 30 bullets. The alert sargeant at arms,instantly returned fire, killing the assailant Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who had changed his name from Michael Joseph Hall when he converted to Islam. Just a week ago, Canada announced that it would join the allies by sending several fighter jets to the ISIS battle in Iraq and Syria.

Frustrating: An Auto Recall that Can’t be Answered

Fourteen Million cars worldwide are vulnerable to airbags gone wrong and as with the General Motors’ ignition key problem, the 11 automakers are hampered in correcting the problem of exploding bags for lack of parts. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s David Friedman says “we’ve got millions of cars out there and drivers involved need to get their vehicles fixed to protect themselves and their families.” Easier said than done as the Japanese manufacturer, Takata is just beginning to make the replacement parts, so millions meantime will be driving for months waiting for modified replacement airbags. Last month’s New York Times investigation exposed both Honda and Takata had been dragging their feet for years while at least 3 were killed among at least 140 injured including 37 who said they endured ruptured airbag explosions. Toyota is advising the airbags be disabled and that no one ride in the front passenger seat until the replacement parts are available. Honda, the most affected with 2.8 million cars, acknowledges “There’s simply not enough parts to repair every recalled single car immediately.” Meantime, drivers are not receiving notification until the needed parts arrive at the dealers.Honda hasn’t explained who will be the lucky ones getting loaner cars, claiming “that was never part of the deal.” Of great concern are the cars in high humidity states such as Florida and Louisiana. Toyota will first be servicing a quarter of a million cars along the Gulf Coast. The culprit is a too- powerful propellant which rips open the airbag shooting metal parts in to the driver and passengers. This week’s initial warning includes Nissan, Mazda and BMW as well as the previously mentioned Honda and Toyota. Friedman says other car companies will be announced shortly. The difficulty in notifying car owners is that Congress has seen fit to make no law requiring a car’s history, which can be vitally important in recall cases such as this. No dealer is responsible to report if the previous driver had abided by what if any recall notifications were followed, such as this one on airbags. Lawyers for the injured are waiting for Honda’s early warning report as required by federal law every time a defect results in injury or death. As with the GM key malfunction problem, this airbag issue will drag on for years before all legal matters are settled. But of immediate importance is to get the yet-to-be-made replacement parts to dealers so an effective and speedy recall can be in place.

GMO Labeling Needs Your Help

Food Democracy Now! Team

Tell Monsanto – It’s time to Label GMOs!
For the next 48 hours – Triple your impact today – For every dollar you donate, Dr. Bronner’s and Presence Marketing will donate $2 more to win the fight for GMO labeling!

IT’S OFFICIAL: We’re ahead 49 to 44 in Oregon! – Monsanto and Big Food are hitting the panic button in Oregon and Colorado and we need your help to stop them! Join the growing grassroots surge today!

Triple your impact today – for every dollar you donate, the Colorado and Oregon teams will receive $3 to win the fight for GMO labeling!

Dear Bill,

The stakes couldn’t be higher! There are 13 days left until votes are counted and the opposition is blanketing the airways with more than $10 million dollars in intentionally misleading and deceptive ads in both Colorado and Oregon.

But despite being outspent, we’re still narrowly ahead in the polls!

Last week, a poll by Oregon Public Broadcasting/Fox 12 shows that the race to win Yes on 92 to label GMOs in Oregon is tightening.

As of last week, Yes on 92 in Oregon maintained a narrow lead at 49 to 44%. Just like in California during Prop 37 and last year in Washington, the opposition’s deceptive ad campaign is confusing voters, but our opportunity for winning has never been better. We can’t let up now! Help us keep our lead by contributing:

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For every dollar you contribute, Colorado and Oregon will receive $3 to win GMO labeling! Together we will win!

Already the opposition has raised over $20 million dollars to defeat GMO labeling in these 2 states. Giant food corporations like Pepsi, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Coke and General Mills are joining hands with Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemical to contribute tens of millions of dollars to defeat us. Monsanto has dumped in $4.7 million to kill GMO labeling in Colorado and $4 million in Oregon — we can’t let them defeat us this time with deceptive advertising like they did last year in California.

Help us get the word out today!

What your contribution today will help accomplish:

Chip in $25 today to support volunteers going door to door in neighborhoods across Oregon and Colorado.
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Monsanto and America’s big food companies already label their products in 64 other countries around the world, why not the U.S.?

Together we can overcome the opposition’s campaign of dirty tricks – help put us over the top by giving what you can today!

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Action! Team


1. “Oregon ballot measures poll: Marijuana up, driver cards down, others mixed,” Oregon Live, October 15, 2014

2. “Voter Turnout May Tip The Scales”, October 16, 2014

Critical Legislation Sits While Congress Campaigns for Re-election

The apparent job of Congress is to get re-elected and “to the victor goes the spoils.” They are presently in a 7 week vacation that doesn’t end until the week after the November election. The rationale,”there’s no sense hanging around Washington as we are in a stalemate, doesn’t work for me.” It’s their responsibility to make it work. Our lives depend on it. They could start with passing legislation requiring the repair records of used cars, including rental cars. A purchaser should be informed; needs to know the repair record of a used car, but there’s no law and dealers don’t have to tell you before you buy. There are lots of recalls from the manufacturers we are looking at the ones that bring up safety issues.
Did the original owner ignore or abide by them? The manufacturers calling the recall might be sued by the rental car companies for lost business while the cars are out of service, so Congress has let this issue hang since 2011. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s David Friedman says, “It’s hard to oppose ensuring that people who buy a car, new, used or rented can have the confidence that it is safe.” President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and safety Rosemary Shahan was even more explicit: “It’s just a question of how long it will take and how many people have to be killed or injured before it (legislation) happens. The car companies aren’t very good at notifying recalls to their purchasers. Malisa Norman of Latta, South Carolina said she wasn’t told her newly purchased 2007 Chevy Cobalt was to be recalled to replace a faulty ignition switch. Norman and her son were injured when the car lost power and hit a tree. The nation’s largest dealer of used cars, CarMax, offers a meaningless “Certified Quality Inspection,” label. That does not require CarMax has to fix anything. The company is quite clear in stating it is against the N.H.T.S.A. present proposal. There are lots of recalls, so to get the ball rolling Congress should be concerned only with mandatory recalls for safety. Right now dealers don’t have to repair known problems, nor do they have to tell you about them, even when a recall is in effect.

Canada Checking Possible Terrorist link in Mysterious Hit and Run

Two members of the Canadian Armed Forces were hit in a Quebec Province car accident which has implications ISIS terrorists may have retaliated against
Parliament’s decision to contribute an unknown number of fighter jets to the allied war effort in Iraq and Syria. The speeding car hit 2 walkers in the military town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal Monday morning. One was in uniform. A high speed chase by local police ensued, ending with the driver escaping his overturned car. The unidentified driver
confronted police who shot him. He died later in a local hospital. Parliamentarians in Ottawa immediately raised the question could the incident be an act of terrorism against 2 members of the Canadian Armed forces. Late Monday evening Prime Minister Harper’s office issued a statement saying the driver was known to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
as “an individual who had been radicalized.” The Quebec provincial police say, “The theory that this was a deliberate act is part of what we are looking at.” Parliamentarians have debated that some Canadians would become radicalized and commit terrorist acts at home or overseas after Ottawa agreed to join other allied nations against what’s called ISIS. The Canadian government estimates that 130 Canadians had left the country to join terrorist groups overseas. That’s approximately the same estimate here in the much larger United States.

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